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Goldmine Adaptogens

Vortex Tincture ✨ Kanna & Blue Lotus

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Meet our newest creation, Vortex! This potent blend of Kanna and Blue Lotus is something you can really feel. 

🌸 What does it feel like? 🌸

At higher doses, Kanna provides an initial, gentle "rush" that lasts for about 20-30 minutes.

Blue Lotus is a sacred flower, traditionally revered for its calming, mood-enhancing, pain-relieving, and libido/arousal-enhancing properties. The synergy between these flowers is blissful, flowy, and gorgeous. 

The MT-55 Kanna extract has our favorite alkaloid profile:

  • Mesembrine: ~70%
  • Mesembrenone: ≤ 20%
  • Δ7-mesembrenone: ≤ 10%

After the initial rush, you’ll settle into a more relaxing, warming, sensual, and heart-opening sensation. Colors look brighter, music sounds more enchanting, and these effects continue for 2-4 hours.

We recommend taking Vortex in the afternoon or evening. It’s the perfect alcohol substitute and an ideal way to unwind after a busy day. You might experience waves of warmth, mild euphoria, and a strong sense of "it's all good."

✨ What does it taste like? 

The taste is quite lovely—sweet and mildy earthy :)

💧 Dosage 💧

Each 25mL bottle of Vortex offers flexible dosing to suit your desired experience:

  • 1 dropper (1 mL): For a gentle, calming effect, perfect for easing into relaxation.
  • 2 droppers (2 mL): For a more noticeable, soothing experience, enhancing relaxation and comfort.
  • 3 droppers (3 mL): For deeper, more immersive relaxation and heart-opening.

Made with 100% organic ingredients. 
Each bottle contains:

  • Spagyric Blue Lotus & live minerals* 
    • liquid base: glycerin; grape spirit alcohol
  • A total of 690mg MT-55 Kanna extract**
    • Each 1 mL dropper (25 drops) contains approximately 27mg of MT-55 Kanna extract

*Spagyric extraction is a process that honors the plant's essence by incorporating its live minerals. This ancient alchemical method enhances the potency and bioavailability of the tincture, ensuring that you receive the full spectrum of the flower’s benefits. 

**We do not recommend driving on this. Avoid if taking SSRIs, as Kanna is a serotonergic herb. 


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