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Adaptogens are a group of herbs that
help ease stress on the mind and body.

In other words, adaptogens help you
adapt to the stressors of modern day life.

The benefits of adaptogens are seen when herbs are taken on a regular basis, and are wide ranging, differing person-to-person. Overall, adaptogens fine tune and tone various systems in the body, improve response and recovery, and adjust physiological processes as conditions change.


Adaptogens may support the following functions*:

  • Immune function
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Sleep quality
  • Physical stamina
  • Focus and mental clarity
  • Mental and physical endurance
  • Overall longevity and wellbeing

There are many amazing herbs that don't meet the criteria of being classified an adaptogen, and that's ok! We love super herbs and mushrooms and you'll find these plants in our products as well!

Chaga Mushroom*

USDA Organic, grown in China and Washington, USA

Chaga grows in the colder regions of the globe on Birch trees.

Chaga may support:
  —The gastrointestinal system

As with all of our mushrooms, our chaga powder is derived from the fruiting body and is steamed so it is bioavailable.

Cordyceps Mushroom*

USDA organic, grown in China and Washington, USA

Cordyceps originates from high elevations in the Himalayan mountains and typically grows on caterpillars. We use cordyceps that are vegan and organically grown. Our powder is derived from the fruiting body.

Cordyceps may support:
  —Sustained energy
  —The respiratory system
  —Nervous system
  —Cardiovascular system

As with all of our mushrooms, our cordyceps is steamed so it is bioavailable.

Reishi Mushroom*

USDA organic, grown in China and Washington, USA

Known as the "Mushroom of immortality" this herb has a long history of being held to the highest regard. It’s an overall calming herb to help the body feel more at ease.

It has been traditionally used to:
  —Promote calm
  —Promote longevity
  —Boost immunity
  —Balance hormones
  —Energy & mental clarity
  —Digestive health

As with all of our mushrooms, our reishi is derived from the fruiting body and is steamed so it is bioavailable.


USDA organic, grown in China
Astragalus has been traditionally used to support the immune system and may support healthy energy levels. The compounds found in astragalus are antiviral and highly antioxidant. This herb may support the cardiovascular system, and best taken on a regular basis to feel the benefits.


USDA organic, grown in India
Ashwagandha is a powerful Ayurvedic herb that enhances your stamina and works as a natural stress reliever.

Ashwagandha may also support:
  —Restorative sleep
  —Anxiety relief


USDA organic
We use an organic rosehip powder in our adaptogen blend for it's vitamin C properties! For mushrooms to be fully absorbed, vitamin C is needed. Rosehip offers this boost without any change in flavor.