Adaptogens are a group of herbs and mushrooms that help your body resist the negative effects of stress.

From superherbs to mushrooms—adaptogens are thought to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress, restore physiological function, and support homeostasis.*

The benefits of adaptogens are best seen when taken on a regular basis, and are wide ranging, differing person-to-person. Overall, adaptogens support overall wellness and homeostasis (balance) of the body.


🌿Stress Management

Increased Energy

🌿 Immunity Support

✨Enhanced Focus

🌿Recovery from Fatigue

✨Mental Clarity

🌿Balanced Mood

Restorative Sleep

🌿Hormonal Balance


🌿Thyroid Function

✨Increased Endurance

We take the quality of our ingredients seriously. All of our ingredients are USDA certified organic and sourced responsibly from sustainable farms.

Our Ingredients

Our founder, Rachael, and co-owner, Nali, source all of our ingredients. This is where much of their passion lies in the business. They are always on the hunt for the most potent and naturally grown ingredients to use in our formulas. We care deeply about what we put into our bodies, the health of the environment, and the quality of our herbs. Our ingredients will always be organic, processed so the herbs are bioavailable, and grown sustainably. Our sourcing partners share our values of regenerative farming & sustainability practices and we are happy to pay more for these higher quality herbs.

Our ashwagandha is grown on a small farm in Oregon; astragalus is grown by a coop of small farmers in the mountains of China that are passionate about land stewardship; our mushrooms are grown by leading farmers in the fungi world that bring together rigorous testing and natural/organic growing practices.

High quality mushrooms, for us, that means mushrooms grown in their natural habitat: outdoors on wood. The end result is beta-glucan rich mushrooms!

No mycelium. No fillers. No starches.

Reishi Mushroom

(USDA Organic

This herb has a long history of being held to the highest regard. It's known to promote longevity, support healthy immunity, balance hormones, energy, mental clarity, and digestive health. It’s an overall calming herb to help the body feel more at ease.

Grown on wooden logs, outdoors, then sun dried, our reishis live a good life and bring you all their beta glucan goodness with 45% beta glucan concentration.

Chaga Mushroom

(USDA Organic)

This mushroom benefits the immune system, gastrointestinal system, is rich in antioxidants, is antimicrobial, and antiviral.

We proudly partner with a locally operated Chaga purveyor who sources chaga that is sustainably harvested in the forests of Alaska (by foragers who have been doing this for generations). It's then brought here to San Francisco and taken through a 16 step where the chitin wall is broken down but kept at low temperatures, reserving all nutrients. Making it bioavailable and potent. It couldn't get any better than this.

They even grind into flour-grade powder just for us, the finest powder around, truly.

Cordyceps Mushroom

(USDA Organic)

Cordyceps originates from high elevations in the Himalayan mountains and typically grows on caterpillars. We use cordyceps that is vegan and organically grown.

Highly antioxidant, and helps the body utilize oxygen more efficiently. Cordyceps may help to regulate testosterone & cortisol. It may support the respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, supports liver, kidneys, and aids in detoxification.

Our cordyceps has a 25% beta-glucan concentration.


(USDA organic)

Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb. It supports the immune system, energy (by supporting the thyroid), concentration, stress management, and balances hormones. Great for anxiety and insomnia.

We proudly source our ashwagandha from a biodynamic and organic farm here in the US, where it's grown with the upmost love and attention to farm biodiversity & sustainability. It's harvested once a year in January and processed to order.


(USDA organic)

Astragalus supports the immune system, energy levels, is antiviral, and highly antioxidant. This herb supports the cardiovascular system, and best taken on a regular basis to feel the benefits.



(USDA organic)

We use an organic rosehip powder in our adaptogen blend for it's vitamin c properties! For mushrooms to be fully absorbed, vitamin C is needed. Rosehip offers this boost without any change in flavor.