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Why Goldmine?

We’re fun and lovely to work with. We’ll support you like a good friend :) You can put Goldmine on the menu and sell our products retail (with great margins)!

Offering Goldmine Adaptogens is about more than selling profitable a booster; it’s about making your customers feel cool, healthy, and cared for. 

Goldmine empowers people with a sense of ease, focus, balanced mood, and boosted immunity—nurturing the human spirit one cup at a time, day after day.






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How to place an order:

Wholesale made easy! We partner with Faire, if you don’t have an account it’s easy. Simply follow the link below! We look forward to working with you. 

OR order directly: 

Email us a PO at — free shipping on orders $200+, or $10 shipping for under $200.

More reasons to love Goldmine

Keeping & winning customers

Adding Goldmine Adaptogens to a favorite drink or food feels like meaningful ritual with the promise of balanced, kick-ass day ahead. As your customers are feeling great, healthy, and alive after sipping & nibbling at your cafe, they’re likely to return and suggest you to friends. 

Trendy, caring, and healthy

The health & wellness movement is growing rapidly, and adaptogenic herbs & mushrooms are HAVING A MOMENT! By integrating Goldmine Adaptogens into your menu, you align your business with these trends, positioning your cafe as a forward-thinking establishment who cares about the wellbeing of its community.

Profit that’s good for everyone

Profit that’s good for everyoneBy selling a booster for $2, you’ll profit $1.70. By supporting Goldmine, you’re supporting the health of the soil and our planet. We source our ingredients from the farms that use regenerative farming methods. 

Hear from actual customers

"I was kind of skeptical, but I’ve been stirring this into my morning coffee for a couple of weeks now, and I do notice that I’m experiencing less stress in my body, even when thoughts are stressful. And it’s nice to feel like my coffee is doing something extra beneficial."

Tanya Q.

"So as a lot of other moms, I’m sure can relate to there’s times where I found myself easily overwhelmed or stressed out or just feeling like crazy in this house with these kids."

Jaime O.

"I try to make my morning cup as nourishing and delicious as possible...that combination really brightens, uplifts, and brings joy to my body, mind, spirit and soul."