January 15th—Feb 15th

In these modern times of full calendars, tech overload, and the constant life/work balance challenge—we're on a mission to bring more balance and ease of stress in your life!

Our Goldmine Adaptogen powder is a blend of adaptogenic herbs that help ease the mind and body of stress. Because adaptogens are best taken daily to realize the full benefits, the #30DayAdaptogen challenge is your chance to kick-start the new year with better stress management and overall wellbeing,


Up for the challenge?

  1. Join our community online by using the hashtag #30DayAdaptogen challenge.

  2. Drop your email address here to join the challenge and get recipes each week, and a discount code on your first jar.

  3. Order your jar by January 11th to join the challenge.



    "I just completed my 30 Day Goldmine challenge. Seriously I’m hooked. I actually got emotional and started crying the other day after the realization that the anxiety that I feel 100% of the time was relieved and I felt a “space” that I had forgotten I ever had. I hadn’t felt that absence of that gnawing anxiety for years and years."

    -Brooke Wilson, Summer Thyme Wellness