7 Questions with Suzanne Khan

7 Questions with Suzanne Khan

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A Little About Sue:

Sue was born and raised on the tiny island of Bermuda where she now lives with her husband and three daughters. Sue started her career in finance but quickly burnt out after seven years in the industry. After that experience, she decided to press pause and really define life on her own terms, committing to finding what brings her joy and living life with intention. She is the owner of Naked Zero, a lifestyle brand designed to help women live a more balanced life - conscious of their mind, body, soul and the Earth. She calls herself a modern minimalist choosing mindfulness and moments over things. Learn more about minimalism and Naked Zero: nakedzerolifestyle.com

Today, she answers 7 questions about how she stay well.


1. What are a few things that help you find a rhythm in your daily life with everything going on?

Waking early when the world is still sleeping, meditating, journaling, reading my Daily Stoic, slowing down. Its so important for me to check in with myself before checking in with others and the world. Starting most days like this really helps me settle into a slower more grounded rhythm.


2. What are three things you do to be well + immune healthy during the week?

Meditate. Journal. Make my favorite adaptogenic lattes. I love to add Goldmine to my lattes and teas. With Spring rolling in I’m loving pouring them over ice!


3. Stress is inevitable — What stresses you out?

If you asked me this a few months ago, I would have told you the uncertainty of the world and 2021. I probably also would have mentioned something like not traveling because so much of me was about travel. Right now, stresses are more like: laundry piling up, kids activities and never ending to do lists!


4. When you’re feeling under the weather or having a suboptimal day, how do you take care of yourself?

Take time away from all screens and social media and focus inward. I try to get to bed early so that I can wake early and spend some time solo. I’m a mom of three so quiet time and alone time isn’t something I get often, so waking early is very sacred time for me. A good night’s rest, 48-72 hours no screens and social media, and some ME time. Also, I never underestimate the healing power of kids hugs and cuddles. Sometimes it’s all I need.


5. If you recall an intense or stressful period in your life, what/who helped you move through it?

I can think of a time very clearly. I was working...A LOT and had just had my second child. What a time that was. I was such a different person. I had a lot of mentors at the time, hired a manifestation coach, went to therapy for the first time and had my husband by my side who is VERY supportive but ultimately what helped me through was trusting myself. I started to do my own research, ask myself important questions, questioning EVERYTHING. I started reading spiritual books and self help books like Abraham and Esther Hicks, Jen Sincero, Oprah. I really had to learn ME all over again. It was also during this time that I found adaptogens. I have incorporated them into my life ever since.


6. When you think about the little things in life, what brings you joy?

So many things, I write lists of these in my journal often - barefoot walks on the sand, waterfalls, mountain tops, palm trees against blue skies, a child’s unconditional love, hugs, cuddles, early nights, earlier mornings, doing absolutely nothing, a good fiction book, time with friends, the sweetness of honey in a hot lemon water, holding hands, soca music, the sound of sound bowls, tulum beach during turtle season, house made nut milk lattes, matcha everything, minimalist cafe’s, dinner dates, an organized fridge, clean laundry. I could go on forever. It really is the little things!


7. What lessons have you learned that help you keep things in perspective?

Life and business is a marathon not a sprint. Nothing meant for me is ever going to pass me by. There is a steady stream of goodness available to all of us, stop resisting it. Just be. Slow down. Be present. Give whatever has your attention all of it. Don’t hold on to anything too tightly and pace yourself for the marathon. Life will happen just remain grounded and grateful and everything will happen as it should!

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