7 Questions With Regina Garcia

7 Questions With Regina Garcia

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Regina Felice Garcia

Regina was born and raised in the Sonoran desert and currently based on O’odham land in Phoenix, Arizona. She spent a 7-year chapter riding her bike around San Francisco and certainly parts of her heart will reside there forever. She's a big believer that when we work in alignment with our values, energy, cycles, and our dreams, we thrive - individually and collectively. She spends her time working with individuals and aligned businesses to design, execute, and embody their dreams. This includes anything from a Badass Portrait Experience and brand + website design, to Embodied Movement sessions, 1:1 Creative Coaching, and Own Your Power Workshops.


Goldmine: 1. What are a few things that help you find a rhythm in your daily life with everything going on?


  • Moving my body in ways that feel good - some days it’s slow stretching, other days a sweaty run or bike ride, most days it’s an embodied movement session.
  • Spending time outside with my hands in clay or dirt
  • Being silly with my dog and my partner - our house is an ongoing improv set and it adds a little ease and laughter


2. What are three things you do to be well + immune healthy during the week?

  • Drink Goldmine (almost) every morning
  • Take Vitamin C & D
  • Breathe and spend time outdoors


3. Stress is inevitable — What stresses you out?

The health, peace, and safety of the world, my community, my loved ones. The injustice, oppression, violence, of capitalism and white supremacy - and the police helicopter that buzzes over my neighborhood daily to remind me of this.


4. When you’re feeling under the weather or having a suboptimal day, how do you take care of yourself?

The recipe is different depending on the feeling - generally, I move my body, I eat a nourishing meal, I cry, I spend time with my hands in the dirt or the clay, I cuddle with my people and my dog.

The evening of a suboptimal day looks like eating a nourishing meal (usually contains sweet potatoes and tahini), dancing and rolling around my fluffy purple carpet, taking my dog to the park, giving myself a face massage or requesting a massage from my partner, drinking something warm, and catching an early bedtime.


5. If you recall an intense or stressful period in your life, what/who helped you move through it?

Ditching booze was stressful. I stopped drinking 4+ years ago and those first few months I practiced movement every single morning for 15 minutes to the same exact playlist. I spent countless hours on my bike, I ate foods that felt good (lots of cacao, lots of greens, lots of adaptogens), I put a lot of paint on blank surfaces, I cried A LOT, I spent my previous happy hour budget on massages every month, I documented my existence in this flesh-body through self-portraiture. I met up with friends, mentors, acupuncturists, movement teachers, and explored new communities and spaces to change up my weekly habits. Now when I’m going through a rough time I reach for some variation or evolution of these tools I used during that chapter.


6. When you think about the little things in life, what brings you joy?

Witnessing random acts of kindness. Hugging people I love. Deep belly laughter. Dancing and experiencing others dancing. Flowers and their blossoming process. Digging my hands in soil then rubbing them against each other to feel the dirt on my palms, in between my fingers, and the back of my hands. Fresh fruit.


7. What lessons have you learned that help you keep things in perspective?

We’re all going to die. “Disfrutalo”.

Life is art is prayer is love is life is art is prayer is love.

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