4 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Use

4 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Use

1. reduce.

You know the drill. One of the biggest things we each do is simply reduce the amount of waste we consume — this goes for all throw-away items, regardless if they're biodegradable or not, like:

  • Bringing your own water bottle, thermos, containers whenever possible

  • Only taking napkins & disposable utensils when you need and start using cloth napkins at home instead of single use paper towels (we know, this isn't plastic, but the root problem is the same!)

2) replace.

It's 2021 folks, there are plenty of better-for-the-environment products that are no inconvenience at all. Not everything is silver bullet, but it's a start.

Remember: you vote with your dollar. Where you spend your money and what companies you support matters.


TRADITIONAL ITEMS:                                           REPLACE WITH:

Laundry, cleaning detergents, toothpaste, & soaps usually put in plastic jugs >

Floss (typically plastic) >

Plastic bags >

Toilet paper & paper towels (yes, we know it's not plastic, but still > good eco options)

> So many options. Laundry detergent sheets, plastic free soaps, even toothpaste! Or, refill your plastic jugs

> Biodegradable & plastic free options

> Duh. Use a cute tote from you fav. adaptogen company

> Use tree free, made of bamboo! Better yet, use those fancy cloth napkins your mom gave you.

3) reuse.

Reusing your plastic take-out containers, re-purposing your product jars is the best way to extend the life of these made-for-the-landfill items, and ultimately, reducing the need to purchase new containers.

Finished your fav adaptogen product that comes in a glass jar? Future spice jar, baby.

Got take out? Use that plastic container to grow a plant, gift your bff some cookies, organize your change drawer (is that still a thing?).

When we think about the environment toll on something plastic vs. something glass - glass takes more energy to produce a unit, so while removing plastic from our daily life is good, take it one step further by re-using vessels that once contained your almond butter, honey, and, yes, even your Goldmine!

4) recycle.

We all know by now the recycling is sort of sham. Only ~8% of all plastics get recycled. Not be dramatic, but it's a huge problem (anyone want to start a recycling plant?! )

There are places where you can recycle your plastic, effort, we know and it's questionable if it's worth it.

We think of recycling as the last option after the first 3 ways to reduce plastic.

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