7 Questions with  Myisha Battle

7 Questions with Myisha Battle

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A Little About Myisha Battle

She is known as “The Oprah of Sex.”

(we could just end things here, but we won't leave you hanging)

Myisha Battle is a sex and dating coach, who works on all things sex, dating, and relationships, from vaginal orgasms to aphrodisiacs. She hosts the sex-positive podcast Down for Whatever and Dating White where she explores the complexity of interracial dating with co-host Nkechi Njaka. You can find her all over the internet from her cameo on Call Your Girlfriend, to her articles on Well + Good, to hosting virtual events with Allbodies.

Myisha is intelligently thoughtful + curious, while also being delightfully funny and witty (just listen to her podcasts or attend one of her events, she will make you laugh, we promise). She's talented, brilliant, and knows when to make light of hard topics, like sex. We're so thrilled to have her speak with us about how she balances out her career, relationships, COVID stresses, and takes care of herself.


1. What are a few things that help you find a rhythm in your daily life with everything going on?

Myisha: I have really been enjoying sleep! Without a daily commute, it has been amazing to get more rest. I am not a morning person, so easing myself into the day helps with maintaining my energy. I also benefit from a lot of self care in the form of beauty rituals, walks in nature and as much unstructured down time as I can get.


2. What are three things you do to be well + immune healthy during the week?

  1. Meditation - I've been working through several Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21-day meditations with a group of family members. That has been really grounding for me and has helped with stress management A LOT.
  2. Meal planning healthy food and snacks for the week. I’m still perfecting this with my partner, but we have gotten a lot better about having healthy, easy to make meals available each day.
  3. Herbal support! I’ve made a couple batches of elderberry syrup and have plenty of immune boosting herbal tinctures around the house. I also use Goldmine regularly in my morning coffee


3. Stress is inevitable — What stresses you out?

So many things stress me out from the current frustrations of not being able to do what I want when I want, to the economic, cultural and political struggles we all have been enduring. All of this has just added to my regular stress of being a WoC business owner!


4. When you’re feeling under the weather or having a suboptimal day, how do you take care of yourself?

Rest, hot baths, home massagers, heating pads, herbal supplements, hot tea and juice. I basically throw the kitchen sink of wellness at the problem - seems to work. Cannabis and wine have been a big help too honestly!



5. If you recall an intense or stressful period in your life, what/who helped you move through it?

My community. Being a female solopreneur pursuing a career as a sex coach has been incredibly stressful both financially and mentally. I have a community of amazing friends and family who have helped me when the chips were way down. On top of that my community includes my therapist, healers, business advisors and followers who help keep me focused on what I came to this earth to do. I just celebrated my 5 year business anniversary and reflected on the fact that it takes a village to raise a business.


6. When you think about the little things in life, what brings you joy?

I use a gratitude app to track the little things that bring me joy each day. They range from having clean air to breathe (Californians, remember when that wasn’t the case?) to qualities that I appreciate in my partner, to small achievements I made that day. It has really helped give me perspective as the world around me continues to be… disappointing.


7. What lessons have you learned that help you keep things in perspective?

When all is said and done, I want a peaceful life full of love. This takes many shapes depending on what life throws my way but if I hold that as the goal then I can work towards it in small ways each day. There can be small moments of peace in chaos and there can be love in times of strife. This was a big lesson for me last year.



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