5 Ways Stress Manifests

5 Ways Stress Manifests

We’re very familiar with stress, so familiar that we built Goldmine as a result of TOO much of it! Sometimes stress manifests itself in ways that don’t look like obvious signs; fatigue, headaches, anxiety, etc. It’s important to know the ways in which stress can come to the surface in order to detect some messages your body may be trying to send you!

So, here are 5 ways that stress manifests...


1. Your eating habits have changed.

A change in your appetite may be a huge indicator that your body is undergoing some stress. Some people lose their appetite while others gain a bigger appetite. The stress hormones our bodies release result in different food cravings that may be more or less than what we’re used to!


2. You have jaw or tooth pain.

Notice any mouth soreness or jaw clicking? This could be a sign that you’re clenching and grinding your teeth at night! We tend to do this and don’t even notice most of the time! While stressed our bodies can still tense up even when we’re supposed to be relaxed.


3. You’re having trouble focusing.

When your mind is focusing on upcoming due dates, personal problems, and other stress causing items you may experience poor memory or have a hard time focusing. Although you may be choosing to work on another task, your subconscious brain may be focusing on the issues causing you stress.


4. You’re having... interesting dreams.

Typically when we have good sleep we don’t always remember our dreams because our brains aren’t stimulated enough to remember them. Our subconscious can bring out daytime stressors at night through dreams if we are experiencing a period of high stress. These dreams are typically confusing and stressful as well.


5. You’re losing hair.

High amounts of stress can push our hair follicles to rest and cause hair to fall out. If you notice your hair thinning it could also be a result of your body absorbing less nutrients due to digestion issues caused by stress. Hair loss is another underlying symptom of stress.


Stress plays a huge impact on our well-being, and while sometimes we may think we have it under control, our bodies may be telling us otherwise! Keep a lookout for any of these signs your body may be throwing at you to address your stress!


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